Getting Started

As this is an Alpha version of the companion app, you may find incomplete features or bugs. Your feedback and commentary is welcome, please contact me if you find something that doesn’t look right, adversely affects your gameplay experience, or you think could be designed or solved for in a better way. Thanks! 🙂

The World Map Screen

The world map shows you where your player character and the other members of your warband are located in the game world and allows you to travel from one location on the map to another.

The map is divided into many small hexagonal tiles (called hexes), each of which represents a small, local area. You can explore the area you are in to see other players near you, fight enemy NPCs if there are any close by, or gather local resources. Some hexes also contain friendly NPCs who can give you and your warband quests, or who you can buy and sell items from in the marketplace.

You can move from one hex to any adjacent hex to travel throughout the game world. Some playable races have special abilities that allow them to move faster or further. Sometimes moving into a new hex will require you to make an Encounter roll to see if something unexpected occurs as you travel.

The Warband Screen

Your warband is the group of players you are playing with, including the GM – who directs the storytelling and takes control of NPCs that the warband encounters.

This screen lets you manage all things to do with your warband – creating one, nominating the GM choosing a name for it, inviting others to join you, or even leaving the warband if you need to.

This is also where you control the turn phases of the game. For warbands, it's the GM's responsibility to end the turn and advance to the next one. The turn will also progress from the players' turn to the GM's turn before the next full turn begins.

The Roll Screen

Being a tabletop role-playing game, it's not surprising that you will need to roll some dice! The Dawn Of The Tyrant TTRPG uses a D10 for all dice rolls. The game also uses digitally-trusted dice rolls, which means that when you roll a dice, every other player in the game world can trust that the result of the roll is genuine.

Dice rolls may be required by many events in the game world, from Encounter checks and combat to crafting items and using special abilities. Players are also required to complete Feats – whether proving their might in a Feat of Endurance, or their charm in a Feat of Charisma. Accomplishing feats are required by many Quests and Encounters, or may be assigned by the GM to players at any time that their storytelling requires.

The Dawn Of The Tyrant TTRPG currently uses an on-screen dice for rolls, but we have plans to allow physical Bluetooth Pixels Dice ( to be used with the app in the future.

The Draw Screen

The game includes three decks of cards that players can draw from when certain events occur. This screen allows players to draw from a deck if they are required to. GMs can also use this screen to browse the cards in each deck, and in some cases, assign them to players.

The Encounter deck contains cards describing unexpected events that happen while the player travels thoughout the world. The Void deck contains special encounter-type cards that are reserved for times when the player enters a Void-affected hex.

Players will sometimes find Loot Cards to take from slain enemy NPCs. These cards can be exchanged for an opportunity to draw from the Loot deck, which contains useful items and valuable treasures.

The Story Screen

The storyline is a chat-like account of all the actions that players, their warband and the GM take while playing the game. It provides a handy summary of recent actions, and allows players to scroll back to remind themselves what occured earlier in the game if they need to. This screen also helps the GM and the players in the warband see and understand the actions that each other have taken.

The Profile Screen

This screen is all about your player character. Here you can simply see your statistics and equipment, as well as details about special rules and abilities – hostile or beneficial – that are currently affecting you.

The icons at the top allow you to easily access your inventory of items, the abilities you can use, and all of your past and current quests.

Hints & Tips

Solo-play vs. Multiplayer

Please note that as a TTRPG, the game is designed to be played by a group of players – your warband. You may find that the solo play experience is limited or may have issues. You will have the best experience playing in a small group – or to allow for solo testing, it is currently possible to create multiple players on a single user account. This means you can add them all to the same warband, nominate a GM, and play the roles of the GM and the whole warband yourself. You can switch players at any time via the game menu.

Lánaraï Content

Currently the content in the game world is designed for the Lánaraï player race. You will have the best experience choosing a Lánaraï player and warband, whereas choosing to play as a Kheïtanni will mean your gameplay will be limited. A future Beta version of the game will offer content for both of the main playable races.

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