Dawn of the Tyrant is a tabletop roleplaying game best played with three or more players, including the Game Master – making up a typical gaming group.

But what makes the game special is that your gaming group is connected with every other group who are currently immersed in the game.

Just like an MMO video game, your group will exist, move and interact within the same fantasy world. Much more than simply playing in the same setting, your choices and actions affect not just your own group, but an entire legion of other players all over the world. Your victories equal gains for your entire faction just as much as your defeat will play into the hands of enemy players. Alongside your faction you will vie for dominance, questing for the same causes and outcomes, and if you choose, you even battle side by side or against each other.

To connect your gaming group with a multitude of others all over the world, Dawn of the Tyrant uses a companion app. We’ve taken care while designing our app to create an experience that complements the feeling of real-world gameplay around the table, rather than detracts from it. So don’t worry, you won’t find yourself stuck amidst a group of people at a table staring at the phones for hours on end!

The app has a host of gameplay features, but the most important ones are moving your group, and rolling dice to make checks. Using the app to travel in the game world means that you are really moving around in a connected environment with other players. Using the app to help adjudicate important dice rolls means that the game system and all other connected players know they can trust your game actions, and vice versa – it means that you and your group can place your trust in the actions other players make it the game, both friends and enemies.

Plus, we’re planning to offer compatibility with Pixels Dice with support coming soon to the companion app – because real dice simply feel so much better than digital dice-rollers. Plus, we know how important it is to know that you can use your own lucky dice!

We're very excited that the Pixel Dice project has recently launched! Unfortunately, I missed out on a dev kit, so I'm waiting to receive my backer rewards so I can start work on app integration. I hope to share more news about that soon!

The method of purchasing access to the game is yet to be determined. Most likely, the companion app will be a free download and will include some form of simple and fair in-app payment for continued access to the online game. I also plan to publish the rulebook, with lots of lore included, as a physical book. The book will include a free code to unlock unlimited full access to the game. It feels right to offer some form of trial – maybe time-based, or it allows access to part of the campaign map, or levels 1-5, etc. Also there will be nice rewards for Alpha and Beta testers!

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