A shadow rises. He who was once destroyed returns. It is foretold that His coming will herald the end of all things.

The planet of Vónekh VII is a stark and brutal world. Drenched in blood and dread, those unlucky enough to be trapped on its surface fight a never-ending war for survival. With eyes cast skyward, many dream of going to a home that they have never been to and have only heard tales of. On the horizon, they see the rising darkness, and the infinite terror stirring within.

An ancient and once powerful race has been rent asunder by a war long since passed. Yet the proud and powerfully winged Lánaraï still fight their fallen kin, the dark and brutal Kheïtanni, in a bloody and seemingly perpetual stalemate. Neither faction will rest until the extermination of the other is complete.

Unknown to these vying factions, a growing darkness and malevolence has taken seed in the depths of the Void. In the utter blackness of this sinister nether realm, one who was thought destroyed rises once more. Rhïarrh, The Fire in Heaven, whom the fallen call the Tyrant-God.

It was His infernal desire to create and control life itself that once set in motion the war that still reverberates through generations of warriors that follow. A war that pitted brother against brother, and turned a galaxy-spanning empire to ash.

For now, Rhïarrh remains trapped in the eternal darkness of the Void. In fury, He strains against the chains that bind him and His infinite anger and seething hatred burns like a new star in the firmament. A terrible ire whose searing blaze reaches out into the material universe. It is prophesied that should He return, all are doomed to perish.

As the sky blackens with the threat of a coming storm, a new hope springs from the darkness. Ancient technologies of the Aëdr, thought to have been forever lost, have been unearthed. Now over shattered relics and the skeletal remains of once mighty starships, the battles between the Kheïtanni and the Lánaraï increase in ferocity.

Rhïarrh’s hateful gaze turns northwards and where it falls, unspeakable horrors begin to stir in the darkness and in the ground below. The dark and wild places of the world ill with vile things born of the Void. These Lán-Faën, the nightmares of men made real, now plague the lands of mortals.

The end of all things is truly at hand.

For the long-lost stars or for blood and vengeance, the time is now. Stand your ground, rise to the challenge and fight. Before the raging fire consumes us all. A shadow rises. He who was once destroyed returns. It is foretold that His coming will herald the end of all things.

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